Why MktYard.com


The current agriculture commodity market in India is very fragmented, with lots of local players, cartels, middlemen and getting the whole nation on one platform with easy price and availability information is the need of the hour. NCML, with its 11 year experience in the agri-commodity sector sees tremendous potential in linking market participants electronically across the country. Further the backend strength of NCML is massive given the magnitude of stock in NCML warehouses plus the stock procured by NCML and collateral managed by NCML. This will be a new paradigm where people start trading in warehouse receipts and commodity arrival reports, without the need of having to cough up the liquidity to clear the pledge. Distress sales, lower prices, limited buyers, delayed payments will be a thing of the past.

Market participants and banks have been voicing the need for on-line disposal and trading services, which are integrated with the NCML’s present bouquet of services for some time as well. This seems like the logical next thing to do, i.e offer another service of online trading to the customer. MktYard.com will leverage NCML’s pan India network and client-base, and is equipped with state of the art IT solutions that would help commodity market participants to buy or sell commodities without hassle. The platform is seamlessly integrated with all of NCML’s current IT systems to ensure a seamless flow of customer info, warehouse receipts, commodity info and other information. This e-market platform is being developed by using a decade of physical market experience, domain expertise of commodity business and commodity risk management, and the latest technology tools. This trading platform will take care of price discovery, price risk and trade settlement. It will directly connect clients and their stocks in warehouses and collateral management locations through the e-market. This solution will complete the full cycle of procurement via a reverse-auction or e-tenders, trading of stocks via forward auctions, and will transform the market dynamics with a click of the button. With tie ups with banks, they can dispose NPAs easily as NCML is already the collateral manager for that stock, plus borrowers can sell their stock directly on our platform without having to clear the pledge, as we will facilitate the whole deal, have an understanding with the bank and clearing the lien pre-delivery to the buyer.

All this means, huge benefits to you as a market participant, combined with the confidence and trust of NCML’s backing. Look forward to seeing you participating soon on MktYard.com!