MktYard.com, has been developed after years of closely taking feedback from various market participants including traders, millers, banks, processors and has combined all the expertise of NCML’s vast employee base, to come up with this solution that offers transparent and cost-effective solutions to you.

MktYard.com has been developed using cutting-edge technology, and offers many first time services and features, for a commodity-trading platform. Some of its key features include:

  1. Integrated trading and settlement system
  2. Significantly lower overall costs
  3. Deliveries from approved warehouses
  4. Mobile app for easy access and ability to bid on the go
  5. National level neutral platform with trades cutting across the country
  6. Safe and secure payment gateway with 50+ banks
  7. Easy finance, instant loan option for buyers
  8. Ability for borrower to sell pledged stock without having to clear the loan